Laser particle analysis: comparing some top filter grinders.

A blog post on espresso grinders coming soon, however this is a good little analysis of filter grinders.

The Bean Vagrant

I’ve had grind samples from some of my coarse/filter grinders at home and at work analysed a couple of times over the last year, via laser particle sizing, and have just submitted a new batch of samples which focus on some areas currently of interest to me. This is made possible by @mathewsmith1 who is absolutely awesome for taking the time to make this sort of analysis available to me.

I’ve posted in the past more detail about the specific nature of the particle sizing conducted, and some of the related topics, and this is available in previous posts on the blog. I find the process and the information both fascinating (fun!), and illuminating. It helps to inform and reinforce all the other information I gather and write up about my brewing.

This time around, I wanted to hone-in on a couple of grind settings on my filter grinder at…

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Introduction, Thoughts

First of Firsts

This is a new experience for me, but I have had thoughts about having thoughts about getting some of my thoughts down of some time now. I have been living and working the life of a barista and a coffee enthusiast for the past few years. I fell in love with coffee quite unexpectedly after ditching out on our glorious little island for something different, which took me to Melbourne. Whilst down under, I was fortunate enough to meet some talented, passionate industry professionals who opened my eyes to coffee, ‘real’ coffee. They, and the ones I knew, started me on a journey is still very much a a major factor in my life. I found a passion in a profession and an industry I never expected to be passionate about, and for a product I was hugely dismissive of unto that point. I like to think I have come a long way in the past few years, and that the next few years will hold even more. So watch this space, please share your thoughts on anything I have mentioned, anything you would like to discuss, any questions you have.

A warning – this is all going to be very coffee and hospital focused, hopefully with a touch of humour and a sprinkling of passion, sitting somewhere between a well written and sourced article and an crazy stream-of-consiousness novella.

First order of business – grinders…